Study Guide

Lucrezia Smith (a.k.a. Rezia) in Mrs Dalloway

By Virginia Woolf

Lucrezia Smith (a.k.a. Rezia)

Rezia is Septimus' wife, who he met at the end of the war when he was staying at her home in Milan, Italy. In Italy, she was a hatmaker with her sisters and loved her life. In London, Rezia feels extremely isolated. Not only is the culture dramatically different (duh), but she also really suffers from Septimus’ mental illness (double duh). She makes every effort to help him heal, but even she knows that the doctors lack the kind of care he needs. Making hats is one of her only joys in life – we can all relate to that, right? But there's definitely one question that Woolf doesn't answer: what will she do now that Septimus has killed himself? Return to Italy? Suffer even more? What do you think?