Study Guide

Murder on the Orient Express Part 2, Chapter 6

By Agatha Christie

Part 2, Chapter 6

The Evidence of the Russian Princess

  • The Wagon Lit conductor is called in and his uniform is examined. He's not missing a button! The plot thickens.
  • Pierre Michel also has an alibi: he was talking with other conductors when Mrs. Hubbard rang her bell.
  • Poirot concludes that button might belong to the person in Mrs. Hubbard's room, who ran out and then back – into his or her own room. That means the murderer is still on the train.
  • Does that mean there was only one murderer? Well, it's not so simple.
  • Next on the interview list is Princess Dragomiroff. Poirot asks her to write down her name and address, but she has Poirot do it instead. Next, the questions:
    • After dinner, Princess Dragomiroff went to bed and read until 11 p.m. She had some pain, so at 12:45 a.m. she rang for her maid and got a massage. Some time later the maid left. The train had stopped.
    • The maid, Hildegarde Schmidt, has been with her for 15 years.
    • Also, a revelation: Princess Dragomiroff was BFF with Linda Arden, the mother of Sonia Armstrong, who was Daisy's mother. Sonia was the princess's goddaughter. Coincidence? Hmm.
    • We learn that Linda Arden is still alive, living in retirement. There is a second daughter, too, though the Princess says she has lost touch with her.
    • When Poirot tells her that Ratchett was connected with the Armstrong case, she says the murder is "an entirely admirable happening" (2.6.90).
    • She does not wear a red silk kimono.
    • Princess Dragomiroff asks for Poirot's name, and says she recognizes him. Then she says, "This is Destiny" (2.6.104).
    • Poirot wonders what in the world she meant by that.

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