Study Guide

Murder on the Orient Express Part 3, Chapter 2

By Agatha Christie

Part 3, Chapter 2

Ten Questions

  • Poirot presents a list of things that need explaining. This is another list worth checking out in your book (3.2.1 and on).
  • It presents all the weird stuff in the case that needs explaining: the "H" on the handkerchief, the pipe cleaner, the scarlet kimono, the second conductor, the watch, the time of the murder, and the weird stab wounds.
  • First, the "H": it implicates Hubbard, Debenham (whose middle name is Hermione), and Hildegarde Schmidt.
  • Pipe cleaner: Constantine thinks it's faked, since no one could have left two clues on purpose like that.
  • The scarlet kimono? They have no idea.
  • The Wagon Lit conductor? The only people who could have worn it are the valet, Debenham, the Princess, and the Countess. But they all have alibis!
  • What about the watch? How did it get there? Was the murder committed earlier or later than 1:15 a.m.? The point is debated.
  • As for the wounds, they suggest that multiple people stabbed the body.
  • Poirot is not satisfied with the two murderers solution. Now, Poirot must sit back and think: "Which of them?" (3.2.50).

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