Study Guide

Murder on the Orient Express Part 3, Chapter 7

By Agatha Christie

Part 3, Chapter 7

The Identity of Mary Debenham

  • Mary sweeps defiantly into the train car. Poirot confronts her with her identity as the governess of the Armstrong family. She flinches, but admits it.
  • Mary says she lied in order to protect her reputation as a governess. She wouldn't be able to get a job if she was swept up into a murder investigation.
  • She also claims not to have recognized the Countess. Um, sure.
  • Poirot asks if she will tell him her secret. She breaks down and sobs. The Colonel jumps up and yells at Poirot and then tends to Mary.
  • Mary runs out, followed by the Colonel, and Poirot reveals how he guessed it all. The Countess had said her governess was a big redheaded woman, a description so opposite to Mary as to be suspicious.
  • Plus? She said the name was Miss Freebody. There's a shop in London called Debenham & Freebody, and that told Poirot who it was.

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