Study Guide

Murder on the Orient Express Part 3, Chapter 8

By Agatha Christie

Part 3, Chapter 8

Further Surprising Revelations

  • By now you can guess where this is going: everyone on the train is connected to the Armstrong family.
  • This chapter features the following revelations from the following characters:
  • The Italian, Foscarelli, was the chauffer.
  • The Swedish lady, Greta Ohlsson, was Daisy Armstrong's nurse.
  • Masterman, the valet, was Mr. Armstrong's valet and his "batman" in the war (3.8.53).
  • Mr. Hardman, the private eye, denies being the gardener. He does admire Poirot's methods, though.
  • Regardless, Poirot has it all figured out, and he's surprised his friends don't. He asks for all of the passengers to be called to the dining car where he will lay out two possible solutions.

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