Study Guide

Murder on the Orient Express Modernization and Technology

By Agatha Christie

Modernization and Technology

One of the most fascinating aspects of Christie's novels is the period in which they are set: usually the years between the two World Wars. The world is changing rapidly during this time. There are new technologies, advances in science, and world-altering discoveries. Christie's novels give you a glimpse of this period, and new modern conveniences (and inconveniences) are important to the plot. In <em>Murder on the Orient Express</em>, the modern train plays an important role. However, the lack of modern communication tools and contact with the outside as a result of a snowstorm actually helps Poirot solve the murder.

Questions About Modernization and Technology

  1. In what ways do the characters rely on modern technology?
  2. By what method is Poirot suddenly called back to London?
  3. When does Poirot use technological (not psychological) methods to his advantage?
  4. If the Orient Express hadn't been cut off from the modern world because of the snowdrift, how would that have impacted Poirot's investigation?
  5. How do Poirot's investigative methods differ from those of today's fictional detectives?
  6. How and when is the scientific method used in Poirot's detective work?

Chew on This

If the Orient Express hadn't stopped moving, no one would have ever discovered the real plot to kill Ratchett.

Though we live in an increasingly modern world, human nature remains the same.

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