Study Guide

Murder on the Orient Express Strength and Skill

By Agatha Christie

Strength and Skill

Poirot is world famous for the strength of his "little grey cells" and his skill of detection. In <em>Murder on the Orient Express</em>, though, Poirot is up against some pretty strong and skilled minds. There's the Russian Princess Dragomiroff, who has an iron will; Mary Debenham, who is cool, cold, and rational; and we can't forget the famous actress, Linda Arden, who plays the role of Mrs. Hubbard with great gusto. Who's mind is the best them all?

Questions About Strength and Skill

  1. Many of the "strong" characters in the novel are women. What stereotypes about women does the novel challenge or support?
  2. Why does Poirot say that the Princess's strength is in her "will," not her arm?
  3. Why does Linda Arden offer to take the blame for the murder?
  4. Which characters are the most skilled actors of the bunch? Who provides Poirot with the biggest challenge?

Chew on This

The passengers would have displayed greater strength if they had been able to resist taking revenge on Ratchett.

Strength of mind is the supreme virtue.

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