Study Guide

Murder on the Orient Express Visions of America

By Agatha Christie

Visions of America

Though <em>Murder on the Orient Express</em> is set on a train hurtling across Europe, America plays a central role in the novel. The Armstrong household, which existed in America, is temporarily recreated on the Orient Express. Additionally, we're constantly getting different views of the country from its cast of characters, including stereotypes galore. The Europeans have strong opinions about the Americans, and the Americans have strong opinions about the Europeans. At least, that's how they present their views to Poirot as he's working on the Ratchett murder case.

Questions About Visions of America

  1. Who are the Americans on board the train? How is this significant?
  2. What preconceived notions do the other passengers on the train have about Americans?
  3. Does the fact that Ratchett managed to walk free after murdering Daisy Armstrong damage the reputation of the United States in this book?

Chew on This

America, as portrayed in <em>Murder on the Orient Express</em>, is a land of opportunity and freedom.

Although the plot of this story has to do with America, it could not have been effective if it were set in America.

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