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My Sister's Keeper Tough-o-Meter

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(4) Base Camp

Picoult didn't get to the top of the best-seller lists so many times by writing dense narratives like William Faulkner or using purposefully obtuse language like James Joyce. Nope, she got there because her books are pretty freaking digestible.

All of Picoult's narrators use easy accessible language, and the hardest things to pronounce (besides Picoult's name, which is pronounced pee-koh not puh-colt, okay?) are all the different cancer-related medical terms, but no one can pronounce those anyway. Plus, it's a cinch keeping track of all the different narrators, because each one is labeled and uses a different font.

Just because it's imminently readable, however, doesn't make this book an easy emotional ride. You'll definitely want to wash your hankies and pack some travel tissues before you get started—you know, just in case. This is a four on the tough-o-meter, but a ten on the "no, I'm not crying; there's something in my eye, I swear"-O-Meter.

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