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Minor Characters in My Sister's Keeper

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Minor Characters

There are a handful of other characters we should mention.

The judge for Anna's case is Judge DeSalvo, who not only is not Joan Cusack in the book, but is male. He had a twelve-year-old daughter who died in a car accident. Hmm, a judge with a dead child presiding over a case where a child might die… Nope, that's not complicated at all. He ends up ruling in Anna's favor… and then Anna dies in a car accident. We wonder how he feels about that twist of fate? Probably not so hot.

Dr. Harrison Chance is Kate's oncologist. Sara thinks he's going to be a jerk at first (because that's how she is) but he turns out to be really nice. And… that's about it for him. Finally, there's Vern Stackhouse, the sheriff who only has two scenes, which we might as well call You Got Served and You Got Served 2 (With a Restraining Order). He's the bearer of bad news when Anna sues Sara, and when Campbell files a restraining order against her.

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