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My Sister's Keeper Part 1 / Chapter 2

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Part 1 / Chapter 2


  • Campbell takes over the narration from Anna.
  • He listens to this thirteen-year-old girl tell him that she wants to sue his parents.
  • At first he thinks she's certified nuts-o (there's probably a certificate you can download off the Internet for that), but the more he hears about her, the more he's interested.
  • He agrees to take on the case (in exchange for Anna polishing his doorknobs) and file a petition in court for medical emancipation.
  • Anna makes fun of Campbell's name (an easy target) and leaves.
  • Later, Campbell exits his office with his service dog, Judge. His secretary, Kerri, asks him why he agreed to take the case. "You can't expect a kid to fend for herself" (1.2.65), he says.
  • He also says, "It's not my problem" (1.2.66), and returns to his office and locks the door.

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