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My Sister's Keeper Part 1: Monday / Chapter 1

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Part 1: Monday / Chapter 1


  • Thirteen-year-old Anna was born for a specific purpose: She was genetically engineered to be a match for her sister, Kate, who has acute promyelocytic leukemia (1.1.18).
  • Anna is sick of it.
  • She goes to a pawnshop to sell a beloved locket (for twenty buckaroos—Pawn Stars this ain't); back at home, Anna's mom is trying on a dress that she ordered off the Internet.
  • They hear crying from Kate's bedroom, and Mom rushes in, thinking she's in pain.
  • She is… but because of a soap opera. Like, OMG guys, Serena and Preston are breaking up.
  • Later, Anna gets her brother, Jesse, to drive her to the law offices of Campbell Alexander, an attorney who once sued God on behalf of a nine-year-old boy in a Catholic orphanage.
  • Anna doesn't want to sue God—"Just my parents […] I want to sue them for the rights to my own body" (1.1.99). Whoa.

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