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My Sister's Keeper Part 2 / Chapter 2

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Part 2 / Chapter 2

Sara, 1990

  • Sara meets Kate's oncologist, Dr. Harrison Chance, who draws a face on an inflated glove to cheer Kate up.
  • Kate begins the long painful process of chemotherapy while Jesse is tested to see if he's a match to be a bone marrow donor.
  • Nope—he's not.
  • The doctor tries to give Sara hope, but she still worries about Kate's future.
  • A week later, Kate has another medical emergency and they have to rush her to the hospital.
  • They show Sara Kate's chest X-Ray, and Sara notices the giant tumor in the middle of her daughter's chest.
  • The doctor corrects her: "That's Kate's heart" (2.2.89). D'oh. Stick to legal matters, Sara—you went to law school, not med school.
  • Later that night, Sara tells Brian she wants another baby.
  • No, it's not a line out of Foreplay 101; she wants to do something to make sure that Kate doesn't die…

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