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My Sister's Keeper Part 2: Tuesday / Chapter 1

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Part 2: Tuesday / Chapter 1


  • Anna is with Sara and Kate at the hospital when the sheriff, Vern Stackhouse (relation to Sookie?), slaps Sara with the papers saying that Anna has filed a lawsuit.
  • Before Sara can confront Anna about it, Kate yells out in pain, and Anna flees the room.
  • She calls Jesse, who takes her home.
  • When Sara gets home, it's time for Anna to get slapped. Not with court papers, but an actual slap across the face because she cannot believe that Anna doesn't want to help Kate anymore.
  • That night, while Anna is showering, Kate comes into the bathroom.
  • Kate tells Anna, "If you don't want to be my sister anymore, that's one thing. But I don't think I could stand to lose you as a friend" (2.1.81).
  • After going to bed, Anna overhears her parents talking. Sara can't believe that Anna would act this way, but Brian thinks Anna might actually have a point, prompting Sara to snap at him, "Whose side are you on?" (2.1.89).
  • They leave, and Anna wakes up.
  • Oops. Mom is still there—Anna tells her mom "You must hate me" (2.1.94).
  • Sara says she loves Anna, and that they can go to the courthouse and talk to the judge and fix this whole silly problem in the morning.
  • We're not even one hundred pages in yet, though, so something tells us it won't be that easy.

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