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My Sister's Keeper Part 3 / Chapter 2

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Part 3 / Chapter 2


  • The judge takes Anna into his chambers, where Anna cries and says she can't give Kate a kidney.
  • The judge decides to appoint a guardian ad litem to spend two weeks with Anna and give a report.
  • Of course, there's the problem that Anna is living with opposing counsel, so Sara is forbidden to talk about the case with her daughter.
  • Sara drags Anna home and tries to force her to tell Kate what she just did.
  • Brian tries to calm Sara down, but she snaps, "I have one child who's just signed her sister's death sentence, and I'm supposed to cool off?" (3.2.66)
  • Kate, hearing the phrase "death sentence" in relation to her, runs to her room.
  • Anna flees the house and hides out at a Laundromat, because it smells good.

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