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My Sister's Keeper Part 3: Wednesday / Chapter 1

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Part 3: Wednesday / Chapter 1


  • Campbell chats with his mom then walks to a nearby cafĂ©, where he sits and watches everyone around him as though he's in the middle of Tom's Diner.
  • A "woman with a running river of black hair" (3.1.22) catches his eye. Who could he possibly think it is?
  • At his office, Anna is already polishing doorknobs when Campbell gets a call from Anna's mom.
  • Sara says that Anna wants to drop the case, but when Campbell asks Anna if this is true, she says no, she hasn't changed her mind.
  • Later that day, they go to meet the judge. Sara has decided to represent herself in court.
  • She tries to convince the judge that this is all a misunderstanding, but the judge wants to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

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