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My Sister's Keeper Part 4 / Chapter 2

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Part 4 / Chapter 2


  • As Julia rides in Brian's car, she thinks about what happened last night after Campbell left.
  • She went to a bar to drown her sorrows, not realizing that it was a gay bar.
  • Conveniently, she finds the one hetero bartender that works at a gay bar and spills the beans on her problem with Campbell: "I had the heart of the relationship, and no body to grow it in" (4.2.101). Wait… are we talking about a relationship, or Frankenstein's monster?
  • Brian takes Julia to the hospital to meet Kate. The whole family is there. Well, except Jesse, who's probably off burning a school down or kicking a cat or something.
  • Sara drags Julia into the hall to have a chat with her—and by chat, we mean be vaguely threatening. "My job is to take care of my daughters. […] I love both of them" (4.2.149-4.2.150), she says.
  • After that little talk, Brian and Sara take Anna to the cafeteria, leaving Julia alone with Kate.
  • Kate talks about how Jesse causes trouble to get attention, and how she once wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up. If she grows up… (Man, this is the most depressing ballerina story since Black Swan.)
  • She also talks about the one time Anna ran away, because Kate was sick every holiday that year and Anna just wanted to find a normal family.
  • Kate says, "I used to wonder what it would be like to be normal. So I totally understood why she'd wonder about it, too" (4.1.181).

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