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My Sister's Keeper Part 5: Friday / Chapter 1

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Part 5: Friday / Chapter 1


  • Campbell goes into the hospital to talk to Dr. Bergen, the head of the medical ethics board; he's told that the ethics committee "has never convened on Anna Fitzgerald's behalf" (5.1.15).
  • Coincidentally Julia shows up on the elevator. They debate the ethics of the case, as usual, and end up at a restaurant called Luigi Ravioli. (Mario's Meatballs had too long of a wait.)
  • Campbell says he's sure Anna will stop acting like Hamlet and settle on a decision soon, but he won't say why he's so sure.
  • The phone rings. It's Anna—Jesse's been arrested, and she wants Campbell to help him.
  • He reluctantly agrees, and fills out all the paperwork necessary to get Jesse off from stealing a judge's car. And he gives him an earful about what a "dumb little s***" (5.1.140) he is. His words, not ours.
  • After leaving the courthouse, Campbell confronts Anna, saying that he's her attorney, not her friend, and that if she wants to be treated as an adult, she needs to start acting like one.
  • She tells him, "I'm sick of being a guinea pig. […] I'm sick, but I'm never f***ing sick enough for this family" (5.1.196).
  • Well, well. All that salty language makes Campbell realize that Anna could actually stand up for herself on the witness stand… although she might come across as unsympathetic. (Unless he can press the bleep button on all those swears.)
  • Interspersed with all this are a few flashbacks on the dissolution of Campbell and Julia's relationship. He once took her to meet his parents, which went terribly, and then he never called her again. What a jerk, huh?

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