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My Sister's Keeper Part 6 / Chapter 2

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Part 6 / Chapter 2


  • Anna is visiting Kate in the hospital, and everyone is trying really hard not to mention that Anna is withholding a kidney and Kate will probably die within a week.
  • Later that afternoon, Anna spends some time with Julia. They talk about boys and more boys (if you can call Campbell a boy), but Anna still wonders what she'll do when Kate dies.
  • That night, her mom calls to say she's sorry for arguing with her that morning, and to say goodnight. Aw, how sweet, and not at all passive-aggressive manipulation that a thirteen-year-old wouldn't pick up on.
  • In the middle of the night, Anna sneaks onto the fire station roof. Her dad comes up later, and they talk about the stars. ("Look, it's Jennifer Garner!")

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