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My Sister's Keeper Part 7: Monday / Chapter 1

By Jodi Picoult

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Part 7: Monday / Chapter 1


  • Campbell leaves Julia alone on the boat and goes to the hearing, only to find that Anna is missing; he finds her in Kate's room at the hospital and drives her to courthouse.
  • On the way, she asks him why he has a service dog, but he makes up a really big lie about it, as usual.
  • Here's another lie: He tells Anna she won't have to testify, even though she probably will.
  • The first witness is Sara, and Campbell grills her a like a turkey and cheese Panini.
  • His big question: "How can you claim to love both of [your daughters] equally? How can you say that you haven't been favoring one child in your decisions?" (7.1.136).
  • Ooh, good point.
  • Sara responds, "Aren't you asking me to do that very thing. […] Only this time, to favor the other child?" (7.1.137).
  • Zing.

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