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My Sister's Keeper Part 8 / Chapter 2

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Part 8 / Chapter 2

Sara, Present Day

  • Now Sara gets to cross-examine Brian. And by cross-examine we mean… well, that's exactly what we mean. No euphemism here; she just asks him questions.
  • In the middle of asking him questions, all of a sudden, something clicks within Sara—she realizes "if we lose Kate today, we will have had her for sixteen years, and no one can take that away" (8.2.24).
  • She's ready to live and let live (or die, in this case) and she just wants her husband back.
  • Brian moves back into the house that night, and they tuck Anna into bed.
  • Sara admits that Anna reminds her of herself.
  • And back in the bedroom, well… now it's time for Sara to cross-examine Brian, if you catch our drift.

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