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My Sister's Keeper Part 8: Tuesday / Chapter 1

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Part 8: Tuesday / Chapter 1


  • Campbell is as happy as a pig in Charlotte's Web because he knows that as long as Brian agrees with Anna, in court, this case is a lock.
  • Everything is going fine on the stand until Brian says, "I still wish Anna would donate a kidney" (8.1.42). Dudeā€¦
  • And Campbell's case crashes and burns like the Hindenburg. Oh, the humanity.
  • The only way to save this from being a total disaster is for Anna to testify, but she doesn't want to.
  • Campbell suggests she sleep on it, but she insists that she won't change her mind.
  • "Don't expect me to be able to change your life" (8.1.75), Campbell says. Ooh, burn.

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