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My Sister's Keeper Part 9 / Chapter 2

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Part 9 / Chapter 2


  • Before Campbell can call Julia to the stand, Sara butts in and calls someone else: a child psychiatrist named Dr. Beata Neaux.
  • Dr. Neaux testifies that donating a kidney would be good for Anna; she would consider herself a "superhero" (9.2.21).
  • Campbell cross-examines (no nudge-nudge italics) Dr. Neaux, saying that if Anna gives a kidney and Kate still dies, wouldn't that cause "significant psychological trauma?" (9.2.31).
  • Dr. Neaux continues, saying that Sara also benefits psychologically from keeping Kate alive.
  • So Campbell wonders, since Sara is just as emotionally invested as Anna is "why is [Sara] any more capable of making this choice than Anna?" (9.2.45).
  • The judge bangs his gavel (he must have been feeling left out) and Campbell concludes, "Parents need to be parents […] but something that isn't good enough" (9.2.46).

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