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My Sister's Keeper Isolation

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It's hard being by yourself. We have no idea how hermit gurus on the tops of mountains do it—not only would it be lonely and cold, but cell service is probably terrible. But at least it's a choice they make… unless they're driven from their villages thanks to seriously bad B.O.

Some people, however, are isolated against their will. And in My Sister's Keeper, this is definitely the case for the Fitzgerald kids, especially Anna and Jesse. Their parents, particularly their mom, just don't pay any attention to them. Being a teenager is hard enough, but thinking you're invisible can be unbearable. (Unless you're Clay Aiken.)

Questions About Isolation

  1. Why do Anna and Jesse feel so isolated from their family? Do their parents ever do anything to make them feel included?
  2. Do you think Kate ever feels isolated or lonely? Why or why not?
  3. Why do Brian and Sara decide to separate? What brings them back together?
  4. Is Julia lonely? Why hasn't she had another relationship since Campbell?

Chew on This

Julia has an easier time with isolation because she's used to being alone. It doesn't mean she likes it, she just copes with it better.

Kate has resigned herself to being alone because she spends almost all her time in the hospital hooked up to machines. It's not like anyone really sees beyond her illness anyway…

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