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My Sister's Keeper Rules and Order

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Rules and Order

Although there are no rules or order to cancer and car accidents (two defining moments in My Sister's Keeper), there are the rules of the law to abide by. A large part of this book takes place in the courtroom, and it seems like almost every character is either in the legal profession (Sara, Campbell, and Julia), law enforcement (Brian, who is a fire fighter, which is close enough), filing a lawsuit (Anna), or simply breaking the law (Jesse). Yep, all six narrators are involved in this system somehow. If Kate weren't bedridden by cancer, she'd probably be applying to law school or something.

Questions About Rules and Order

  1. Does Judge DeSalvo make the right decision in awarding medical emancipation to Anna?
  2. How do you think a similar court case would play out in real life?
  3. Why does Sara decide to represent herself instead of hiring an attorney?

Chew on This

Sara simply adds to the family drama by representing herself. The case would have been much easier (no restraining order, for example) if she had hired an attorney.

Jesse turns from law breaker to law enforcement in the end. He always did need some direction in life, and once Anna dies, he decides to focus on saving others instead of destroying himself.

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