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Count Morano in The Mysteries of Udolpho

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Count Morano

Dial 1-800 Rejected

Poor Count Morano isn't used to being rejected, due to owning a casino in Italy and all. But when Em does turn him down, he doesn't take it very well (understatement of the year). Instead, he tracks Em down at Udolpho and tries to kidnap her not once, but twice. Can't the guy take a hint? Not really, because he's kind of an over-the-top guy.

Tone it Down, Count

If only Em was into grand gestures like, y'know, attempted kidnappings. She's not really amused when he declares her love for her for the millionth time: "The thought of losing you is madness!" (2.7.118). Something tells us this type of stuff is par for course with the good old Count. He lives large and relishes the fact that he's causing a scene, even after he's hurt in the duel.

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