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Du Pont in The Mysteries of Udolpho

By Ann Radcliffe

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Du Pont

Get Out of the Bushes, Dude

We may never know exactly how creepy Du Pont is, because we only know when Emily caught him being a lurker. But given that he's followed Em for years from a distance—only stopping to steal her mom's bracelet—and somehow ends up in a dungeon at the very castle where Em is staying, it's safe to say that Du Pont has a hard time approaching the object of his attraction.

Can't Communicate

Maybe if Du Pont talked to Em directly about his love, he'd be in Valancourt's shoes at this very moment. Instead, he gives up as soon as Valancourt's name is cleared: "He determined seriously to endeavor at the conquest of his hopeless affection […]" (4.19.30). So he's an honorable guy who needs to get out of his shell a little more.

And seriously, the bushes-lurking has to stop.

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