Study Guide

Henri de Villeforte in The Mysteries of Udolpho

By Ann Radcliffe

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Henri de Villeforte

He's Got it Made

As the only son of Count de Villeforte, Henri's life is set. He can take his sweet time finding a bride, with the knowledge that all of his dad's money is going straight to him. Henri's not quite as imaginative as his sister Blanche, nor as thrilled to be heading to an old chateau in the French countryside. Henri and his step-mom, the Countess, are kind of on the same page in that respect.

He gives "a mournful sigh to the delights of the capital" when he first arrives at Chateau-Le-Blanc, with the knowledge that life just won't be as exciting (3.10.11). Just you wait, Henri (Higgins)—you'll be positively thrilled to spend the night in a haunted room.

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