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Ludovico in The Mysteries of Udolpho

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He's One Brave Dude

Ludovico's either unnaturally brave or unnaturally stupid, and we're not hazarding a guess as to which one. He always manages to find himself right in the middle of the fray, like during the castle brawl. At least he always looks out for Annette: she tells Em that he "locked me up to keep me out of harm" (1.10.59). But even though he wants his sweetheart safe, Ludovico craves adventure. If he has the chance to spend the night in a supposedly haunted chamber, he'll be there lickety-split.

He'll Stand By You

Like Annette, Ludovico's got a mad streak of loyalty that won't quit. Sure, he gets a kick out of sneaking Emily past Montoni's men to get her out of Udolpho. But when he comes to the Count de Villeforte's aid at the smugglers' fortress, he's definitely not thinking about himself. He's the kind of guy who wants to protect the people he loves.

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