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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 1, Chapter 10

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 1, Chapter 10

  • Emily lights up a fire in her dad's old bedchamber and gets ready to burn.
  • Following St. Aubert's last instructions, she digs up all of his old papers under the floorboards.
  • Whoa, she thinks she sees her father's ghost sitting in his chair. Calm down!
  • As she's in the process of fainting (because ghosts are scary) Emily catches a glimpse of writing on the loose sheets of paper. Remember, she's not supposed to see anything. Bad girl, Emily.
  • Hmm, maybe she shouldn't have made that promise to burn the papers without looking at them. Major conscience struggle going on here.
  • Okay. Okay. She's not going to look at the papers. Emily throws them into the fire really quickly so she won't be tempted. Phew.
  • There's also a purse in the cabinet with some money and something else, wrapped in layers of paper. She didn't promise to burn everything, right?
  • Emily unwraps the papers and finds a miniature of a beautiful woman. Uh, what's going on?
  • Why would St. Aubert have a picture of a random not-Emily's-mom woman?
  • Before she can figure out what do, she sees Valancourt heading her way. Quick, hide the contraband!
  • Even though Emily's upset over the picture, Valancourt makes her feel better by bringing up her favorite subject: nature. He's a smart one, that Valancourt.
  • Oh yeah, and he also confesses his love. He is totally, utterly, head-over-heels in love with Emily.
  • Emily's not really sure what's proper under these circumstances, but she definitely likes him too.
  • Valancourt admits that he's been wandering around Emily's house for a while, especially at night. Okay, dude, that's a little weird.
  • When Valancourt and Emily are in the middle of all their love-talk, Madame Cheron stumbles across them. Guess she arrived at a pretty inconvenient moment.
  • Madame Cheron gets a little snippy with Emily and says she's recovered pretty quickly from her dad's death. Who's this new friend of hers, anyway? She sends him away lickety-split.
  • Actually, Madame Cheron first wants to know how much Valancourt is worth.
  • Emily admits that he's from an unexceptional family. Ouch.
  • Madame Cheron plans to shut this thing down, stat. Oh, and she plans to take Emily to Tholouse the next day.
  • On her last night at La VallĂ©e, Emily wanders around being all melancholy. She dwells on childhood memories and remembers the first time she met Valancourt.
  • Wait, doesn't Valancourt like to lurk in the bushes at night? Emily's a little nervous she'll run into him, but she has no such luck.
  • She thinks someone is following her and hurries back to bed. Is that a figure gliding through the garden outside? Spooky.

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