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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 1, Chapter 11

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 1, Chapter 11

  • It's off to Tholouse for Ms. Emily, who is none too happy to be headed far from home.
  • Auntie Cheron doesn't even stop the carriage to let Em say goodbye to her father's pensioners. FYI, pensioners are people who were given a sum of money by St. Aubert.
  • Valancourt returns back home to Estuviere brokenhearted. He's more than a little worried about getting Madame Cheron on his side.
  • See, Valancourt's a younger brother. That means he gets to inherit squat. Luckily, his older brother thinks he can make some much-needed cash by joining the military.
  • Meanwhile, at Tholouse, Madame Cheron is really giving Emily the business about Valancourt.
  • Emily can't believe this is really her father's sister. Madame Cheron is such a jerk.
  • Madame Cheron's estates are pretty and all, but in a tacky way. Her number-one goal is to show off her wealth.
  • Once Emily is alone in her room at Tholouse, out come the waterworks. At least she's got her dog, Manchon, who is her only friend. Woe is her.
  • Emily remembers her dad's warning about not indulging her emotions. Whoops.

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