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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 1, Chapter 12

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 1, Chapter 12

  • Em gets up early to take a little stroll around Tholouse. She has to admit, the views are pretty nice.
  • But man, Madame Cheron can't let the Valancourt thing go. She tells Emily she doesn't want her strolling the gardens unattended—after all, she's not to be trusted.
  • Madame Cheron hosts yet another dinner with Cavigni and Montoni, the Italian noblemen.
  • There's just something about Montoni that bugs Emily. She's a little scared of him, but she can't figure out why.
  • A couple of days later, Em sees someone who looks just like Valancourt riding by on a horse. Coincidence?
  • Definitely not, because Madame Cheron receives a letter from Emily's favorite beau. He wants to "pay his respects." Valancourt's back.
  • Emily gets the scolding of her life from Madame Cheron, who isn't too thrilled about her niece receiving love letters. She makes Emily promise not to see Valancourt or speak to him without her consent.
  • Oopsies, Emily runs into Valancourt lurking in the garden outside. So much for silly promises.
  • Just like clockwork, Madame Cheron comes around the corner. Emily's too agitated to stay around and hear what her aunt has to say, but you can bet Madame gives Valancourt an earful.
  • Emily doesn't get off the hook either. Madame Cheron lets Em know in no uncertain terms that any more Valancourt episodes will get her the boot.
  • Luckily, there's a fancy ball to distract Em from the humiliation.
  • Great, Valancourt decides to go to the ball. And he's dancing with a beautiful woman.
  • Even worse, the beautiful woman has quite the fortune to bequeath on some lucky husband.
  • Emily's pretty upset until her eyes meet Valancourt's across the room.
  • Valancourt catches up with Madame Cheron and Emily to pay his respects, but the good Madame swears she doesn't know him.
  • Cavigni is pretty obviously hitting on Emily, but Madame Cheron mistakes the compliments as directed toward her. This Cavigni guy knows how to play the game.
  • Emily starts to figure out that Montoni may be angling to marry Madame Cheron. Em thinks they're like the original Odd Couple, but who can account for taste?
  • During supper, rumors are flying that Valancourt is going to marry his dancing companion, Madame D'Emery. Madame Cheron is all, "I doubt it."
  • Everyone is interested why Madame Cheron has the inside scoop on Valancourt. Get this—she tells everyone that she rejected Valancourt just this morning.
  • Cavigni pokes a little fun at Madame Clairval, but she's too dense to get what's happening.
  • After all this Valancourt talk, Madame Cheron figures out that he's related to her best friend, Madame Clairval. Need we mention that Madame Clairval is pretty well off?
  • Madame Cheron starts to rethink this ban on Valancourt. If he's got the right connections, he might as well court her niece.
  • Valancourt and Em start logging some serious time together.
  • They're not the only lovebirds. Montoni and Madame Cheron are hanging out on the regular, too.

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