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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 1, Chapter 2

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Volume 1, Chapter 2

  • Madame St. Aubert gets a funeral and M. St. Aubert is taking it pretty hard. He shuts himself up in his room for a little bit, but emerges in time to tell Emily to cheer up, Charlie.
  • M. Barreaux comes to offer his condolences to the family, like a good neighbor. St. Aubert's sister, Madame Cheron, also makes a brief visit, but she doesn't really get why everyone is so devastated.
  • St. Aubert has some business to take care of with the Quesnels, so he pays the lovely couple a visit in Epourville.
  • Emily tags along for the ride and meets two Italian gentlemen: Montoni, a distant relative of Madame Quesnel, and Signor Cavigni, a buddy of Montoni's.
  • Montoni is super into politics and French fashion, but Emily's a total noob who knows nothing about culture. She keeps quiet at the dinner table.
  • Back to La VallĂ©e, but only for a little bit. St. Aubert's doc sees that he's unwell and orders him to travel around the countryside to get better. St. Aubert, who's your doc and what's his number?
  • While Emily's getting ready to go traveling with her dad, she spots him crying over some papers in his office. And we mean really sobbing.
  • Emily's about to stop spying on her dad, but not before she notices him gazing at a picture of a woman who is definitely not her mom. Hoo-boy.

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