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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 1, Chapter 5

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Volume 1, Chapter 5

  • St. Aubert wakes up and is super-jazzed to finally get to Rousillon. The group starts to travel once more.
  • Man, St. Aubert really likes Valancourt. He's also no dummy: he sees Valancourt and Emily acting all lovey-dovey toward each other.
  • This makes St. Aubert think about how rarely nature and simplicity are appreciated in this world.
  • The group comes across a shepherd's cabin with a couple of little kids playing around it. No parents, though.
  • Then the mom of the kids arrives. She's looking pretty down in the dumps, so the travelers ask her what's wrong.
  • Apparently, a gang of gypsies drove away some sheep belonging to her husband's master. The husband is now on the hook for paying for the lost sheep. Oopsie-daisies!
  • Valancourt's a good guy. Even though he's not exactly Mr. Money-Bags, he throws down his remaining money to replace the lost sheep.
  • St. Aubert is impressed. He praises Valancourt for doing the right thing.
  • The group continues on to Rousillon, but Emily's imagination is running a little wild. She sees hieroglyphics on a rock that tell a dreadful story, but she keeps mum because she doesn't want to scare anyone else. Emily likes to tease the reader a little bit.
  • Valancourt and the St. Auberts plan to split up again, as the St. Auberts continue on to Languedoc and Valancourt heads home. It's kind of a bummer for both Emily and St. Aubert that their companion is going to leave, but they try to stay cheerful.

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