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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 2, Chapter 4

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Volume 2, Chapter 4

  • Luckily, the Quesnels are coming to visit. This should clear things up, right?
  • Wrong. Quesnel's really not interested in anything Em has to say. The wedding is on!
  • In the middle of all of this madness, Orsino gets himself in some trouble. He hires an assassin to waylay and kill an enemy of his.
  • Montoni, being a good buddy, hides Orsino in his house.
  • It's the night before the wedding, and Madame Cheron is trying to talk some sense into Emily.
  • But Emily still loves Valancourt. She tries to go to sleep, but can't help imagining terrible things.
  • Things aren't looking too hot for Em.

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