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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 3, Chapter 13

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 3, Chapter 13

  • After a while, Em heads back for a second visit at Chateau-le-Blanc with her buddy Blanche.
  • Dorothée catches a glimpse of the miniature portrait of Em in her mom's bracelet, and realizes once again that she looks exactly like the late Marchioness.
  • She promises to tell Em all about what happened to the Marchioness, even though she usually keeps her lips zipped about the whole thing. She can't do it tonight, though—the time has to be just right.
  • While on a walk in the woods, Em thinks she hears Valancourt's familiar voice. Wait just a sec—it is Valancourt! They're still totally into each other.
  • After the lovebirds get caught up, she introduces him to the Count and company.
  • The Count's got some serious dirt on Valancourt that he needs to share ASAP with Em. Maybe he's not the squeaky-clean hero we thought he was...
  • According to the Count, Valancourt lost quite a bit of dough gambling in Paris. In fact, you might say he made a name for himself cheating at cards.
  • And it gets worse. Valancourt did some time not once, but twice in Parisian jails. Kaboom. (That's the sound of Emily's head exploding.)
  • Like a proper lady, Em faints away after hearing of her dear Valancourt's misdeeds.
  • When she wakes up, Valancourt is there with the Count, attending to his beloved.
  • She tells Valancourt she's in no condition to see him today, but she'll—ahem—have a talk with him tomorrow.

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