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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 3, Chapter 3

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 3, Chapter 3

  • The next day, Montoni puts off seeing Em once again. Big surprise.
  • Em hears a band of men coming back to the castle, bragging about all the plunder they took from neighboring castle. Something tells us this won't end well.
  • Always big on jumping to conclusions, Em assumes Montoni is a captain of robbers.
  • Well, the narrator tells us, she's not that far off. Quickie historical context from the narrator: since Italy didn't have enough moolah to support its armies, some ex-soldiers turned to robbery.
  • Some of them even turned outlaw and took over fortresses where they could stash their ill-gotten cash. These folks are called the Condittieri.
  • Anyway, Em listens again at night for the strange music. No luck, though.
  • Finally, Em has a meeting with Montoni. He's with several of his officers (ahem, fellow robbers) and won't dismiss them.
  • Em wants to leave the castle, but Montoni forbids it. Em lets it slip that she thinks Madame M. is dead.
  • Montoni tells Em her aunt is alive, if not totally well. He gives her permission to go see her in the east turret.
  • Meanwhile, you could cut the tension with a knife among Montoni and his officers.
  • Verezzi wants Orsino gone pronto. The two guys start fighting after Em leaves the room.
  • Em visits Madame M., who is not in fact dead. But she's actually pretty close to dying.
  • Remember that body Em saw? Yeah, it was someone who died during the fray in the castle.
  • So Em goes to work persuading Montoni to move her sick aunt out of the east turret. She gets lucky and succeeds, then goes to work taking care of her dear auntie.
  • The same night, Em sees the human form again. She's not crazy, either, because the watchmen of the castle also see a strange figure wandering about.

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