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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 3, Chapter 8

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 3, Chapter 8

  • Once again, it's time to clear up some fuzzy stuff from earlier on.
  • Count Morano's been having a heck of a time since he failed to kidnap Em.
  • Back when Montoni suspected someone of poisoning his cup, he had a pretty good hunch that Morano was somehow involved. Bingo, Montoni.
  • Since Montoni's a powerful guy, he got someone to drop off an anonymous letter accusing Morano of crimes against the state.
  • Meanwhile, Udolpho is still under siege. Turns out, lots of people hold a grudge against Montoni.
  • But while Em is still hanging in Tuscany, the siege draws to a close. Time for Em to go back to her favorite place.
  • Bertrand and Ugo haul Em all the way back to Udolpho, bellyaching the whole way.
  • When they finally get back, the castle seems almost deserted. Em's trying to make her way back to her room when she hears Verezzi and Bertolini looking for her.
  • Em wants nothing to do with those sketchy guys, so she books it back to her room where Annette is waiting.
  • The next morning, Em meets with Montoni once again about signing away her rights.
  • This is getting to be a drag, but Em still refuses to sign the paper.
  • Montoni hints that he'll let Verezzi and Bertolini do anything they want to her if she doesn't sign. Plus, he basically promises her she can go home to France if she does what he wants.
  • Fine, Em's hands are tied. She signs away her rights to the estates with a heavy heart.
  • But Montoni's a sly guy who doesn't have any intention of sending Em home. She got bamboozled by a con man.
  • It's not all bad, though. Remember how Em thinks Valancourt is a prisoner at Udolpho?
  • She thinks she hears a familiar song from back home playing in the distance. Clearly Valancourt, right?

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