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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 3, Chapter 9

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 3, Chapter 9

  • Em recruits Ludovico, Annette's sweetheart, to investigate whether Valancourt is in the dungeons.
  • Ludovico can't get confirmation that the prisoner is definitely Valancourt, but he brings back some weird news: there's a prisoner in the dungeon who definitely knows Em.
  • What's more, the prisoner gives Ludovico Em's mom's bracelet, which contains a picture of Em. Think back to Chapter 1 when Em's mom lost her beloved bracelet.
  • So Em doesn't care so much that her beloved is a thief, so long as he's her beloved Valancourt.
  • Through Ludovico, Em arranges a meeting with her mystery suitor.
  • But it's not Valancourt. It's a random Frenchman named Du Pont who's been obsessed with Em from afar for a long time. He loves her with a capital "L."
  • Somehow, the poor guy ended up in Montoni's dungeons. He's about to say more when Verezzi comes at him with a sword.
  • That's right, it's duel time once again. Du Pont manages to beat Verezzi without raising a hullaballoo in the castle.
  • While Verezzi lies stunned on the floor, Du Pont, Ludovico, Annette, and Em hightail it from the castle on stolen horses. Carpe diem, right?
  • Eh, there's a bit of a wrench in the plan. None of the group has any cash.
  • But since everything works out, there's a bag on one of the stolen horses with some cold, hard moolah.
  • The group hops a boat for Marseilles, France, to get far away from Udolpho and the evil Montoni. Huzzah!

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