Volume 4, Chapter 10

  • Em heads on over to Tholouse, moping over Valancourt the whole way. This is the kind of breakup that requires a few pints of Ben & Jerry's.
  • Arriving at Tholouse is like taking a trip down memory lane with Valancourt. All Em can think about is the happy times they shared together.
  • Just when she's getting particularly upset, she catches a glimpse of a familiar face on the terrace. It looks like Valancourt, it moves like Valancourt… and she's pretty convinced it is Valancourt.
  • Probably-Valancourt hightails it off of the property before Em can react.
  • Annette is chattering away to Em a few days later when she mentions that the gardener shot a robber in the garden the other night.
  • Em's mind immediately flashes to the worst scenario. Could the "robber" be Valancourt?
  • Apparently, the guy made it away without being killed. But there's definitely a track of blood on the ground. Things aren't looking good for guys who hang out in the bushes.

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