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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 4, Chapter 15

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 4, Chapter 15

  • Man, the Count de Villeforte is really laying it on thick trying to convince Em to go for Du Pont. Stop trying to make fetch happen, Count.
  • After hanging out at La VallĂ©e for a while, the Count invites Em back to Chateau-le-Blanc. Yes, these rich people really do bounce back and forth between each other's homes a lot.
  • Once there, Em naturally goes straight on over to her fave place: the convent.
  • It's a bit chaotic at the nunnery. Sister Agnes is apparently on death's door.
  • Em doesn't particularly want to see Sister Agnes dying, so she heads back home.
  • Em stops to write a little ditty about the winds by the chateau. Getting back into a poetic state of mind, are we?

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