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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 4, Chapter 18

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 4, Chapter 18

  • Even though the Count's okey-dokey with Valancourt now, he doesn't yet tell Emily that she's in the clear to marry him. He's a busy guy and all.
  • Plus, his only daughter is getting married to Monsieur St. Foix.
  • One evening, Em's out wandering as she often likes to do. You betcha she runs into Valancourt.
  • Of course, he thinks the Count's already cleared his name. No such luck, Valancourt.
  • Valancourt tells Em all about how he's a stand-up guy, and Em gets all starry-eyed.
  • First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes little Valancourts and Ems in a baby carriage!
  • When the two head back to the chateau, the Count is there offer his congrats. Way to avoid the hard stuff, Count.

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