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The Mysteries of Udolpho Volume 4, Chapter 9

By Ann Radcliffe

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Volume 4, Chapter 9

  • Well, whaddya know. When the Baron St. Foix goes to check on the Count de Villeforte and Henri in the morning, they're still there.
  • Em goes to visit the convent again, where she finds the nuns all caught up on the haunted-room sitch.
  • Sister Agnes (that would be the wacky one) can't help but wax eloquent about how everyone is guilty of grievous sins. She's definitely a little overexcited about the ghost story.
  • Agnes even succeeds in making Em cry with all her fire-and-brimstone talk.
  • Em can't help but notice that Agnes is acting kind of guilty. Sister Frances promises to tell Em Agnes's story if she comes back later in the night.
  • Meanwhile, Du Pont is still pining over Em. It's revealed that he's the guy who hung around the fishing-house back at La Vallée, watching for his love. Cool it on the creepiness, dude.
  • The Count de Villeforte gives Du Pont some encouraging advice: just wait for Em to get over Valancourt, and she'll be all yours.
  • Back to Em and her quest to find out Agnes's secrets. Em sneaks back to the convent after all the nuns have gone to bed.
  • Sister Frances has the dirt. Looks like Sister Agnes was long ago in love with a poor man whom her father wouldn't let her marry.
  • Instead, Agnes's daddy married her off to a rich guy. Joke's on him, because Agnes cheated on her new husband with her old love.
  • Big mistake, Agnes. To save her from the rich guy's vengeance, Agnes's dad shipped her off to the convent. Voila, Sister Agnes.
  • Since that time, Agnes has been more and more prone to fits of madness.
  • Em can't shake the strange feeling that she knows Agnes from somewhere. Maybe she just has a familiar-looking face?
  • After several more days hanging at the Chateau-le-Blanc, the Count de Villeforte informs Em that he's taking the fam on a road trip to the Baron St. Foix's place.
  • Em takes the opportunity to head on over to Tholouse to check out her new estates. Must be nice, Em.

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