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Nausea Chapter 30

By Jean-Paul Sartre

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Chapter 30


  • Antoine looks at the train schedule and finds that Anny will be leaving at 5.38 in the evening. He obviously feels like there's still some outside chance of getting her to stay with him. The more he thinks about her body and face, the more he feels an icy chill in his hands.
  • He goes to the train platform and spots Anny getting on a train with her old English lover. Anny sees him through the train's window but doesn't show any sort of reaction.
  • She just looks at him with no expression on her face as the train pulls away. Pretty anti-climactic, eh? The dude doesn't even run after the train.
  • He walks back to a cafĂ© and falls asleep. A while later, the waiter wakes him up.
  • When he's awake again, he thinks about moving to Paris and wonders whether the change will do him any good. After all, Paris is just another place that exists, just like any other.

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