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Nausea Chapter 6

By Jean-Paul Sartre

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Chapter 6


  • Antoine spends much of his time wondering if Rollebon (the subject of his history book) was involved in the assassination of Paul I of Russia.
  • But the historian who claims this, a guy named Tcherkoff, is unreliable in Antoine's eyes.
  • He follows by telling a few more anecdotes about Rollebon, all of which seem to contradict one another.
  • After thinking and reading for a while more, Antoine decides that Rollebon "bores [him] to tears" (6.15).
  • Catching himself in a mirror, Antoine decides that he dislikes his own face. He thinks that other people have a look of purpose and meaning in their faces, but he doesn't. He also think his face is ugly, but is happy about his red hair, which makes him different from everyone else.
  • Um, Antoine. Allow us to introduce you to our friends Merida, Joan and Ron.
  • Staring at himself, he begins to nod off to sleep. But he catches himself when he loses his balance.

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