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Nausea Chapter 8

By Jean-Paul Sartre

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Chapter 8

Thursday, 11.30

  • Antoine is back in the library working on his book. He mentions that he has been down to a town square to smoke a pipe and he hung out by the statue of a guy named Gustave Impétraz. He feels like some sort of power is coming from this statue, even though Impétraz has been dead for a while. He feels like the statue wants to chase him out of the town square.
  • As he stares at the statue, Antoine is suddenly surprised by the Self-Taught Man. It turns out that he has gotten the day off from work and has decided to spend it at the library.
  • Back inside, he asks the Self-Taught Man what he's reading. The man looks embarrassed, then shows him two books: one by a guy named Larbalétrier and one by Lastex. He doesn't know why the STM is so ashamed, since the books look good to him.
  • For his own part, Antoine glances at a book someone has left open and starts reading from that point on.

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