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Minor Characters in Neuromancer

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Minor Characters

Lupus Yonderboy. is the leader of the Panther Moderns. He gives Case a message, the name Wintermute.

Michèle, Roland, and Pierre are members of the Turing Police that catch Case on Freeside. When Case tries to get away from them, Wintermute helps out by killing them in cold blood.

Kurt tends bar at the Chat with Ratz. He protects Case from Wage and his joeboys with the help of a Smith & Wesson.

Shin is the boy who runs the local sushi stall in Night City. He also moonlights as a super small-time arms dealer. Case rents a Walther PPK from him.

Larry is techie who runs a booth on Memory Lane. He provides Molly her in with the Panther Moderns.

Brood is a Panther Modern who provides intel and support for Case and Molly during the incursion into Sense/Net to steal the Dixie Flatline.

8Jean Tessier-Ashpool is 3Jane's brother and eighth in a line of Jean clones (man, family reunions must be something else for these guys) He's currently in Melbourne on business.

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