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Neuromancer Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Case showers to wash off the blood from the Turing Police. Then he heads to the Marcus Garvey, but Aerol intercepts him with the news that a Japanese space yacht called the Haniwa has locked onto the Marcus Garvey.
  • Aboard the Garvey, Case jacks in to start up the Chinese hacking program. Since he's going to be under for a while, Maelcum inserts a catheter into him. As if the chance of flatlining weren't bad enough.
  • The Chinese program "is one man piece of software" (14.55). Instead of just infiltrating the system, it weaves itself into the system so slowly the system doesn't realize it's there. It's worth its weight in gold, figuratively speaking of course. We know it doesn't actually weigh anything.
  • Wintermute snatches Case into his section of the matrix again. This time it's taken the form of the Finn. Case tries to hate on Wintermute, but Wintermute suggests that Case hate the Tessier-Ashpool family instead. After all, they made him; it's the same difference. Or is it?
  • Wintermute shares with Case an essay written by 3Jane on the family's home, Straylight. It seems odd given that Molly could probably have used the information more—what with her breaking into the place and all. But its still good information for us, the readers.
  • In a final bit of exposition, Wintermute reveals that it doesn't matter how the Dixie and Case hack the Tessier-Ashpool system. Molly needs to obtain a password from 3Jane or it's no dice for the entire operation.

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