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Neuromancer Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Back in the matrix, Armitage contacts Case. Armitage wants to know if Wintermute ever came to Case as a man named General Girling but then just bounces from the conversation without an AFK or BRB.
  • Case flips back to Molly's simstim. Molly confesses that she likes having Case along for the caper. It makes her feel a little less alone.
  • Dixie contacts Case through Molly's simstim. He tells him that General Girling was the man who trained Corto for Screaming Fist. So, bad news that.
  • Case flips into the real world, and Maelcum confirms the bad news. Armitage just contacted him with a bloody shirt and told him to set a course for Finland.
  • Maelcum gets orders to return to Zion, but he decides to stay and help Case because he feels Jah's love toward Case.
  • Case flips again to check on Dixie when he's contacted by Armitage. Only it isn't Armitage. Corto is in full control and is reliving Screaming Fist. So not good.
  • Maelcum and Case zip over to the Haniwa. They find the Japanese pilot garroted. Eep.
  • Corto is in the bridge and plans to use it as an escape pod. Wintermute hacks the bridge and causes the seals to not seal. Case tries everything to convince Corto to get out of there, but in the end, the escape pod launches into space and, in turn, launches Corto there as well.
  • Case fears any chance of removing the toxic sacs from his blood stream have died with Corto.

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