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Neuromancer Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • In the matrix, Case updates Dixie on the ongoing debacle. Dixie points out that Wintermute should still know the cure. The thought is less than comforting for Case as he doesn't trust Wintermute as far as he can throw it.
  • Case checks on Molly through the simstim before heading back to Dixie. Wintermute appears to both of them in the matrix as the Finn, ensuring Case that the deal stands. He'll give him the enzyme to destroy the toxic sacs if the job gets done.
  • Wintermute explains that his desire to merge with his other half stems from a compulsion he can't explain. He only knows he'll become something bigger than he is now if they succeed. So basically an answer that's no answer at all.
  • Back in Molly's simstim, the pain in her injured leg has returned. She asks Case for a favor. If she should die before killing Riviera, she wants Case to tell him it was Molly who did it. She says he'll know what that means.
  • Molly walks into a series of holographic projections Riviera left for her. Some look like Armitage and Case. Some are more disturbing, like one depicting feral children eating a soldier. Riviera's art sure is something.
  • Molly kisses her hand as a means of kissing Case through the simstim. She prepares for her confrontation.

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